They call me Boss Baby… Baby I’m bossy.


My love of creating and capturing moments started in my childhood and has followed me up until this very day.  My friends will tell you, I’ve got it ALL documented: the good, the bad, and the occasional ugly.  According to my current media library, I’ve already lived 9 lives.  There are road trips, reunions, and recoveries.  There are even a few exclusive chapters on my long term love affair with music.  Most importantly, my children have grown from babies, to brats, and now beautiful young ladies; and I have it all “on film”.  I captured them all – because all the moments mattered.



My professional career spans 20 years of both corporate and creative endeavors in the areas of entertainment, administration, and entrepreneurship.   I’ve planted and picked crops, designed and delivered flowers, written and recorded songs, and a million other things in between.  I am a lover of art and people; I also have a soft spot for junk food and comedy. Recently earning a degree in Visual Communications (Video Post-Production), I now turn moments into movies.  I understand the importance of quality media for personal and professional usage.  I am both a student and teacher of the lessons of life; and I offer my gifts to the world – for a modest fee, of course.  Haaa!


I shoot locally in Houston, TX, and happily in your location with accommodated travel.


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Here Goes Nothing

Here goes nothing: Here it is, my first official blog post.  I’ve been crafting this site for months anticipating my official launch.  I wanted to be sure that I properly portrayed my level of creativity and professionalism.  I admit to being a little (LOT) too critical of my own work.  I wanted everything to be ‘perfect’ – […]

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